How To Create a Healthy Get-Well-Soon Care Package

How To Create a Healthy Get-Well-Soon Care Package

Apr 26th 2022

Falling ill, being bound to your bed, and having hospital visits are no fun for anyone. If you know a loved one who could use a pick-me-up and an abundance of good thoughts sent their way, a care package is an excellent surprise to give them. You can create a healthy get-well-soon care package gift that includes a wide variety of goodies, such as sentimental quotes and knick-knacks that'll put a smile on faces.

An important factor to consider when curating your own care package is the incorporation of healthy items. If the recipient is already sick, you want to make sure you offer them things to help them get back on their feet. Health manifests itself in both mental and physical forms. Making sure you nurture and acknowledge both mind and body ailments further helps you provide additional care to those who have fallen sick. Here’s a simple guide on how to create a healthy get-well-soon care package.


Food puts a smile on people's faces. For those resting at the hospital who lack the energy to cook food or are unable to leave their home to go grocery shopping, gifted snacks make a world of difference.

Healthy Snacks

Adding healthy snacks into your gift baskets provides your loved ones with a tasty treat to savor and supplies them with nutrient-rich items that'll boost their immune system. Snacks that contain natural products minimize the risks of contributing harmful toxins or irritating substances to a person's body. Plus, they eliminate the use of unnecessary items, providing snacks centered around helpful, purposeful nutrients and ingredients. You can incorporate snacks like nut and seed mixes to supply them with proteins and other nutrients and any other snacks with naturally derived ingredients.

Comfort Classics

Tending the mind is just as important as nurturing the body. Comfort foods, as the name suggests, comfort people in numerous ways. They can stimulate happy thoughts and memories and increase endorphins. Although an apple can keep the doctor away, comfort classics help warm the soul and put people at ease. Cookies, chocolate, hot chocolate, and teas are classic comfort treats that are easy to include in your care package.

Diet-Friendly Food

Various ingredients cause bad reactions and can upset people's stomachs, making those sick feel even worse. Dairy, nuts, and gluten are common stimulants that cause adverse bodily responses. Incorporating diet-friendly snacks personalizes your gift basket to your recipient's needs and ensures that you include items that won't worsen their illnesses. When on the hunt for allergy-friendly snacks, look for packages with dairy-free, plant-based, nut-free, allergen-free, and gluten-free labels.

Easy-To-Use Food Kits

The number one antidote for recovery is rest. When people sleep, they release stress from their bodies, allowing them to heal and recuperate. Plus, it enables their immune systems to take charge and combat intruders in their bodies. With all the rest prescribed, people have very little time or energy to care for some of their basic needs, including eating. One way to relieve their stress is to send them easy-to-use food kits. Pasta paired with tomato sauce makes a simple meal, and it consists of easy-to-gift ingredients. Giving basic supplies for straightforward dishes in your get-well-soon package ensures your loved one eats a proper meal and tends to their needs.

Holistic Remedies

Aside from prescribed medicine and rest, plenty of holistic remedies alleviate symptoms and reduce stress. Holistic medicine is a form of healing that considers a person's body, along with their mind, spirit, and emotions. Along with nutrient-rich food, there are numerous ways you can administer holistic care.

Self-Care Items

Help your loved ones heal their emotional well-being by incorporating self-care items into their get-well-soon gift. There’s a diverse range of self-care supplies to include in your package, from lotions to face masks and under-eye patches. Coloring books, journals, and self-help books further promote a positive emotional space while providing people with a fun pastime activity.


You can add aromatherapeutic items to your gift basket through scented lotions, candles, oils, incense, perfumes, and bath products. Scents stimulate a person's smell receptors, sending messages to the part of the brain that oversees emotions. Specific aromas encourage different feelings and associations. For example, lavender ties to relaxation and comfort, citrus reminds people of cleanliness, and spearmint helps with headache relief.

Herbal Teas

Like smells, teas have healing properties and stimulate emotions. Plus, curling up with a warm mug in your hands creates a cozy and rejuvenating experience, which is especially good when you're feeling down. Certain teas also relieve negative symptoms and provide your body with immune-boosting nutrients. Here are some teas and their effects.

  • Ginger tea: Helps with nausea
  • Peppermint tea: Relieves stomach pains
  • Green tea: Boosts the immune system
  • Chamomile tea: Soothes the nervous system and relaxes digestive muscles
  • Lavender tea: Reduces headaches and lowers anxiety
  • Roobios tea: Offers antioxidants
  • Rosehip tea: Has anti-inflammatory qualities and supplies vitamin C

On top of buying individual types of teas, you can get bags that incorporate a mix of healthy herbs, creating a super elixir. Often, you can find teas curated with ingredients for better sleep and relaxation. They can also have nutrient-boosting properties or help with more specific occasions. You can pair tea with a jar of honey for additional sweetness or a cute mug sporting a sentimental message in your care package.

Positive Affirmations

A little bit of encouragement goes a long way. Adding positive quotes, funny cards, and inspiring words to your get-well-soon package helps lift your loved one’s mood. Being ill often causes people to isolate themselves and feel helpless and lonely. So give them small reminders that they are strong and have people who care about them. This will encourage them to continue resting and brighten their day. It's Only Natural Gifts offers a range of get-well-soon care package gifts featuring uplifting words and positive sentiments. So check out our selection to help your loved one.

Receiving a care package when you're sick or feeling drained mentally makes everything feel a whole lot better. Now that you know how to create a healthy get-well-soon care package, you can shower your friends, family, and others you care about with lots of love in the form of a get-well gift basket. Don't forget that personalizing gifts to suit the receiver makes them more meaningful and allows you to create a care package overflowing with items they need and will use.

How To Create a Healthy Get-Well-Soon Care Package