A Guide to Creating the Perfect Gift Basket for Any Occasion

A Guide to Creating the Perfect Gift Basket for Any Occasion

Jan 14th 2022

While gift cards and money are suitable gift options, there’s nothing inherently unique or special about them. Instead of giving a boring, standard present to your friends or family, why not consider a custom gift basket? You’re probably thinking that’s a great idea but aren’t sure where to start. That’s why we’ve made a guide to creating the perfect gift basket for any occasion so that you can learn more.

Selecting the Items

When you create the perfect gift basket, the first question that should come to mind is what to include in it? The items are the heart and soul of any gift basket. These can be things that remind a person of cherished memories or simple yet creative toys, snacks, and other fun, miscellaneous items. Many people find that choosing a theme or selecting items based on the special event helps them decide what to include. Doing this means you can worry less about what to put in and more about the presentation and style of the gift basket itself.

Determining the Gift Basket Theme

With that said, there are many themes to consider for your gift basket. A gift basket’s theme makes it special to the recipient. Therefore, it’s always thoughtful to play off the recipient’s interests. Then, you can easily choose items related to that theme. For example, the theme can center around sports, music, fitness, cooking, reading, homeowning, arts and crafts, or other hobbies. Don’t be afraid to stock the gift basket with various memorabilia, books, toys, tools, gift cards, and other pertinent items. The more thought you put into the theme, the better your gift basket will be for its intended recipient.

Considering the Type of Occasion

Of course, when creating the perfect gift basket for any occasion, you should still keep the occasion in mind. Whether it’s a holiday, festivity, or even a get-well basket for a time of sickness or grievance, it will help. The occasion can help you decide what to include in the gift basket as well as how to style it. Consider if you’re gifting a basket to a loved one for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s or Father’s Day, or a birthday. Then, include items that the recipient will enjoy. If your gift basket is for something more solemn, such as grieving, sickness, or major life event, you should get items the recipient can use. It may even help to put in more meaningful things, such as pictures, notebooks, and cards, to show how much you care.

Selecting the Basket or Container

Once you’ve selected the items you wish to include in your gift basket, the following steps involve decorating and styling it. Before you can do that, though, you must choose the right basket or container for the items. Commonly, most people opt for a wicker basket. They’re sturdy, attractive, and secure items in place. Recipients can also use them afterward. An ideal wicker basket should have handles for easy portability. You should also look for lids and latches, as these can also help store items safely and securely in place. Many baskets also come predesigned. Many wicker baskets have decorative styles perfect for use as gift baskets. However, be cautious of this. If the basket is purely ornamental, it may not provide the structure and support needed to hold all the items. Be sure the wicker basket you choose provides the structure and surface to keep the items in place. The last thing you want is for your gift basket to topple over once you set it down.

Wicker baskets are not the only containers you can use for gift baskets either. Just because it's called a gift basket does not mean you must limit yourself in what you choose as the main container. Tote bags are also common containers to consider. They’re strong, versatile, and sturdy. Tote bags also have handles that provide unmatched support and carrying capacity for the items you include. Not to mention, there are many different designs and styles to choose from. Whichever you pick, whether it’s a wicker basket or tote bag, select your items first. Then, base your container on the size, weight, and delicacy of the items. Also, be cautious of glass items when transporting the basket since you don’t want anything to break.

Arranging the Items

Arranging the gift basket is a skill in itself that requires patience, creativity, and strategy. Start with heavier and larger items first. Usually, these go in the back. Place smaller items in front in a way that showcases every item. This way, you can highlight every gift without crushing anything. Using tissue paper is an efficient way to secure items in place and reduce the risk of breakage. Don’t be afraid to play around with the items until you’ve secured a perfect look. You can also use tape, glue, or glue dots to help keep items in place.

Thinking About Presentation and Wrapping

Last but not least, know that presentation is everything. This is the first thing the recipient sees when they open their gift basket. When wrapping your gift basket, cellophane wrap works best. It’s a tried-and-true wrapper perfect for any occasion. Best of all, cellophane wrap comes in many different sizes and colors.

Additionally, top off your gift basket with a decorative ribbon. When wrapping your gift basket, be sure to follow the following steps so that it remains tight and secure. First, carefully place the gift basket in the center of the wrapping material. Then, check the gift basket for a final time to ensure each item is in its designated spot. Regardless of the size of the gift basket, always cut more wrapping material than you need. You can always trim off excess material later. Once you have the amount of wrapping material you need, gather all sides and tighten your grip just above the handle or tallest item. Then, tie a ribbon around the cinched area to secure everything together. It never hurts to fan out the cellophane or add another decorative bow for a final touch. You can also tape any openings to prevent small items from falling out if necessary.

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A Guide to Creating the Perfect Gift Basket for Any Occasion